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Our Favourite Fictional Women

Thursday 8th March marks International Women’s Day, and we’re celebrating in style with a week of women! We’re kicking things off with our favourite fictional women of all time…
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I’m sure someone will say Elizabeth Bennett but Jane Austen had a way of writing complex, inspiring and sympathetic female characters who are all distinctive and brilliant in their own ways. So I’m going to make a case for the perhaps less glamorous but still pretty damn admirable Elinor Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility. Anyone with a slightly annoying younger sibling will sympathise with Elinor as she tolerates all of Marianne’s dramas over Willougby whilst silently, steadfastly managing her own equally devastating heartache. And unlike Marianne she ends up with the man she was in love with virtually from chapter one: sense definitely triumphs.
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Lisbeth Salander, from the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series is a fearless, strong individual with a lucrative skillset and an intelligence that cannot be rivalled. She’s revered by many as a feminist hero, and I think we could do with a few more Lisbeth’s in the world of fiction!
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I’m a sucker for period drama, so my favourites include Lizzie (Pride & Prejudice), Ann (Persuasion) Elinor (Sense & Sensibility) and the eponymous Jane Eyre. Nowadays, more often than not I’m thinking WWHGD? (What Would Hermione Granger Do?) Hermione is clever, fearless and brave, and everything I want to be.
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Like EVERYONE I’m picking Hermione Granger! Best moment was when she hit Malfoy in the face (not that I’m condoning violence) and Mrs Weasley obviously – she’s a wonderful woman. When I was younger I also used to love Tracey Beaker, much like everyone my age.
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